Science on Tap: "To eat or not to eat: is that the (only) question?"

located at The Crepe Place happens on Wed Mar 25 at 9:00 pm Please note – This event has already happened
Free in the heated garden


"To eat or not to eat: is that the (only) question?"

A key challenge of the modern world relates to how our contribution to environmental degradation has a pervasive effect on our own health and the health of future generations. There is evidence from human epidemiological studies and animal models demonstrating that exposure to environmental agents prior to conception or during early development can increase disease susceptibility later in life. We and others showed that developmental exposure to different environmental toxicants leads to metabolic alterations, such as obesity or type 2 diabetes, not only in the first generation but also in future generations. Therefore, it is likely that the ramping rates of metabolic diseases worldwide have a significant component associated with current and ancestral exposures to environmental toxicants. In this talk, we will discuss more details about our current understanding of the mechanisms underlying multi-generational effects after exposure to environmental agents in the context of human disease.
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