Gerard & Carolyn: The House of Twang.....Live!

located at The Crepe Place happens on Fri Feb 14 at 9:00 pm Please note – This event has already happened


Enchantment Under The Influence Valentines Dance! Live DJ set with Gerard & Carolyn from KPIG Radio’s all-vinyl specialty show: The House of Twang!

Can’t afford to treat your date to roses and chocolates this Valentines Day? Forget to make a reservation in time? Are you single, sick and tired of the looming V-Day blues? Then come out to The Crepe Place for a special ‘live in person’ all-vinyl DJ set from KPIG’s own Gerard and Carolyn. They’ll be spinning danceable RnB hits from the 50s & 60s, groovy bachelor pad instrumentals and seductive siren songs from yesteryear’s women of jazz. Impress your date with your thrifty lifestyle at this FREE show. Or attract that future lover with your irresistible come-hither dance moves. Either way, you’ll probably want show up in your pajamas ‘cuz it’s gonna get cozy at The Crepe Place this Valentines Day.
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