The Hugs w/ Pacific Range

located at The Crepe Place happens on Thu Mar 21 at 9:00 pm Please note – This event has already happened
$5 Door


If Brit-pop and the Pacific Northwest made sweet, dirty love, you’d get The Hugs.

With garage rock backed by high energy and angst, The Hugs were founded in 2007 in Portland, OR and signed to 1965 Records in the UK and has opened for groups like the Kooks, Marmozets, the Walkmen, and the Dandy Warhols.

The group’s sound has lent comparisons to the Kooks, The Lemonheads, the Libertines, the Wipers, and the Kingsmen and have been praised by NME Magazine, Interview Magazine, Northwest Music Scene, the Portland Mercury, the Inlander, do503 and Willamette Weekly and and their music featured on HBO’s “Girls”, ABC Family’s “The Lying Game”, MTV’s “Awkward” and "Teen Mom".

"The Hugs are a four-piece rock ’n’ roll band from Portland, Oregon, who recorded their debut album in England. This makes sense because their music sounds British—not “Greensleeves” British, but rather the brand of British that became popular when groups like The Kinks and The Yardbirds invaded America in the mid-’60s with their ramshackle lyrics and bluesy riffs. The Hugs’s music, though, is also very Oregonian, owing an equal debt to home-state forerunners like “Louie Louie” auteurs The Kingsmen and the late-’70s pre-grunge grunge outfit the Wipers." (Interview Magazine)

In November of 2016 the group revealed its revamped roster featuring bassist Kauri Voss out of Chicago and drummer Keagan O'Brien out of Detroit joining vocalist, Danny Delegato, the founding member and Portland-native.
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