New World Ape, Big Tree

located at The Crepe Place happens on Sat Sep 25 at 9:00 pm Please note – This event has already happened
New World Ape

New World Ape has a sound that fuses hard driving African and Latin Rhythms with world jazz and rock melodies. Original Composers Michael Glick and Beaumont Bradbury have unique styles that create a musical journey that will excite audiences with danceable grooves while maintaining thoughtful melodic ideas. New World Ape is set apart from the rest because of its orchestral horn arrangements. A Surprise is in store for the musician and non-musician alike.

Big Tree

"...a most unpretentious group melding sunshiney hippie enthusiasm with epic post-rock breakdowns..."
- The New York Observer 10/27/08

"Wonder is what comes out of this curious group. Wonder. Big hearted wonder....Big Tree reminds us that the world is ready for experiencing."
- 12/29/08

"Big Tree is a genre-bending, five-piece bundle of energy... fresh and quirky."
- Performing Songwriter Magazine, 3/09

"Big Tree's music personally brings me back to the jams of the swingin' Summer of Love, albeit in a melancholy, jazz-tinged, utterly earnest way. No Elephant 6 revivalists of retropsychy sounds, Big Tree play a brand of grooving, poetic, sometimes knotty folk rock music. I've had the pleasure of catching them play live twice, and they're one of the finest young bands I've seen in ages. Their songs will get stuck in your head only shortly after your heart leaves your mouth from the impact of the perfect vocal harmonies."
- Aural Wes,, 4/3/09


8pm doors, 9pm show
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