**CANCELED** Science on Tap: Do we inherit experiences? Lessons in epigenetic inheritance .

located at The Crepe Place happens on Wed Nov 28 at 7:00 pm Please note – This event has already happened
* Free in the garden


Do we inherit experiences?
Lessons in epigenetic inheritance

Braden John Larson
Graduate Student, Strome Lab
UCSC dept. of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

"The nature of inheritance has inspired debate since ancient times. How are traits inherited from one generation to the next? Can acquired traits or experiences be passed on? The field of genetics points to the genes encoded in our DNA. But we now know that there are mechanisms outside of DNA sequence, namely DNA packaging, that govern the expression of genes and their connected traits. Epigenetics is the study of such mechanisms in development, disease, and inheritance. Join me as I set the stage to explore the current paradigm of epigenetic inheritance and share what researchers have learned about inheritance outside of DNA sequence."
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