Zach Freitas w/ The Shoobies and Coastal Greeting

located at The Crepe Place happens on Sat Oct 27 at 9:00 pm Please note – This event has already happened


San Benito County based singer/songwriter, Zack Freitas, just dropped his latest effort, Desolation Animals. Freitas creates a music that both structurally and lyrically recalls the past in an uncanny way. The title track, “Desolation Animals,” is packed with harmonious acoustic guitar melodies with echoes of the somber and contemplative nature of Elliott Smith and Nick Drake. Reminiscent of Wilco, “Liberty Door” is a return the more rustic atompshere of folk paired well with an alternative and classic indie rock styling. With infectious guitar hooks, this track may be one of the most accessible songs on the album.

Fusing southern rock organ with acoustic psycehdelic strumming, “Nectar Wiskey” creates a familiar nostalgia to music you heard playing your life through your parents and the radio. Though the same could be said for the album as a whole, the recording on “Reconstructed Heart Full of Dirt” in particular is rough and grainy like a vinyl record. With incredibly crunchy drums, this folk pop track is another welcomed nod to Elliott Smith. The next track, “Greyhound,” is a sonic patchwork of airy synths with acoustic styling. Much of the music feels akin to Moby, while the vocals work against it with an aggressive tone of torture and longing. Songs like “You Don’t Need To Lie” and “Heather” are perhaps the most beautiful realizations of Freitas’ proclivity toward melancholic acoustic grassroots.

Ending with a psychedelic twist on the classic Charlie & The Chocolate Factory hit with a relaxed nod to Pink Floyd, the album closes with “Pure Imagination.” Zack Freitas continues to find his sound and truth in the reflective bliss of acoustic folk music and Desolation Animals proves that while he gravitates toward specific influences, you’ll never entirely know what to expect next from the singer/songwriter.
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