The Knast w/ Marmalade Knives and Human Furniture Company

located at The Crepe Place happens on Thu Aug 23 at 9:00 pm Please note – This event has already happened
$8 Door


The story so far … The Knast are but four.
But as four maven musicians, they are One … a unified firebrand Seattle uber-live rock and roll band. And in their music they have the sound of a “lost 45” gem you’ve only imagined in your mind till now.
The Knast reside in this emerald green Northwest region of the United States: Comprised of AJ, who plays a guitar and is the one who sings; Tascar, who emphatically caresses the groove from his bass; Ian bringing the bomp up together on the drums; and J (just J) flashes intoxicating lead guitar stabs to help their happening hive mind spark a sound quenched by British invasions and West Coast freak-outs.
The Knast started when they’d gotten asked to play as the house band for a local 60s / psych-dance night, which seemed to fit ‘em to a “T.” They jumped at the idea, and like their working class music heroes of the past, they ground out and shouted their sound in dim and dark clubs, diving into their collective libraries of singles and LPs to build sets from, experimenting and sneaking in their own bad-ass romps.
For the next year the group kept jamming and toggling this combo of songs, continuing to write and perform locally as well, and toured the West Coast in 2014.
While on the road or hometown stages, The Knast deliver timelessly solid tunes and massive live performances. As the band says, "The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts … The Knast are four as one!” Be sure to catch the band on their current live dates SOON!
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