CYH Presents: Andrea Blunt (of hONEYMOON)..Pillars and Tongues..and Hod..Diamonds Under Fire

located at The Crepe Place happens on Fri Sep 17 at 9:00 pm Please note – This event has already happened
Andrea Blunt (pictured)

Aside from a smile that can light up a music hall, Andrea Blunt is undoubtedly a musical prodigy; she has a classically trained voice and riffs on the piano, violin and accordion.

Throughout the years, Blunt has performed in several capacities: solo, with MC Lars, Lauren Shera and with the full sibling band, The Blunts. She is currently a member of the critically acclaimed americana group honeymoon.

Blunt has been playing live since the age of 18, and has hit some prestigious cities and venues in the world including: Paris, Shoreline Amphitheater in San Jose, The Casbah in San Diego, The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Blunt has also given back to her community through her music; she rallied together musicians to play with her at “Make a Difference Day,” benefiting the beautification of Old Chinatown in Salinas. Blunt graduated from Cal State Monterey Bay with honors and distinction in May 2009.

Pillars and Tongues

"With just three members, Pillars and Tongues manages to craft powerful folk abstractions and interwoven, trance-inducing vocal dynamics. Both composed and improvisational, these shifting forms evoke spiritual vibes in their soulful essence, heavenly harmonies, and repeated patterns." -Alarm Magazine

"Recording much of their material live, their antecedents are as modern as drone and as old as early American folk, though with the latter they're often stretching the definition of the genre. . . . it's hard to believe Lay of Pilgrim Park is the work of just three people in the same room, and their roles are so fluid it's hard to pick out where one member's contributions start and another ends. The album's abrupt changes, deliberate silences, and movements rather than verses and choruses feel almost more classical than folk (or jazz, or indie, or anything else they might be considered). . . . a tightly focused album-length piece" -Jason Crock, Pitchfork


Hod is but a man, one man recording himself, railing against the ding dong of doom. But Hod understands you, understands your connection to the real, about the way you engage with geography (based in the past, close to the future), about how you get your trees to grow... and the world of the bugs and the sea animals that you study closely, putting a lens to what dosen´t seem visible, and making it real but also surprising, sometimes sensational, like all the escaping animals... and we will say "Can that really be?" We will have to understand that the animals have a life of their own outside our perception. Of course that again makes space for further speculation. Now is his closeness to the present, his songs conceived in the choo choo of thought; passing quickly, leaving the track, but also leaving a track. "I try not encase my songs in any time frame or space, but innately fail because I wear a big yellow watch.... That ticks.... Loudly." Hod

Diamonds Under Fire

Taking major influences from 90's alternative groups, Diamonds Under Fire leads the way from where the few female fronted rock groups left off. Her surefire performance is akin to the confidence & spirit of Chrissie Hynde, the rawness of PJ Harvey, the bare bones rock 'n roll of Nirvana & the pop production sensibilities of Pink. Songs such as the anxious bitter sweetness of "Binge Thinking" & "Reverie" showcase Vanessa with a heavy heart. Like Dashboard Confessional, she does it without wearing it on her sleeve while adding a hearty dose of enthusiasm and the intensity of her heroes in Silverchair.

Her band's namesake says it all. The fact that diamonds are made from coal under great pressure & heat deep in the heart of the earth is an apt analogy for Diamonds Under Fire’s Vanessa finding her footing as an artist.

The Californian singer/songwriter spent her formative years as a bohemian of sorts. Split between living with her mother in Hawaii, & living with her father in the Bay Area, Vanessa's developing identity was different from the start. Growing up in Hawaii, she did not have MTV or Radio to hear the latest buzz band. Vanessa got her first CDs from Columbia House (10 CDs for a penny), which she found in Rolling Stone and Spin magazines at the library. By age 17, she was sent off to school in Arizona where she dabbled with drugs & was kicked out.

Starting Diamonds Under Fire in her late teens was Vanessa’s way of waving the white flag. She’s surrendered to her own dreams, her own heart, and her own passion. Vanessa found a way to confront the confusion of the world around her with ease and distinctive observation while embracing life’s unique beauty with a sincere and honest approach.

For the last three years, Diamonds Under Fire's songs have been featured on the Vans Off the Wall compilation CD. 100,000 copies are distributed at the Vans Warped Tour each summer. Off the Wall is also available at hundreds of Vans retail shops across the globe. The song "Empty Walls" became very popular with Vans customers, employees, and key lifestyle retail. Vans Marketing Manager Kurt Soto says, "Peers kept asking about "Empty Walls" and referred to it as one of their favorite tracks." In 2005, Diamonds Under Fire was also one of eight bands selected for the House of Blues/"McDonalds's Big Mac" Contest. Diamonds Under Fire was the only unsigned act featured & had the most downloads with over 500k. Most recently, Diamonds Under Fire has a feature & Cover Call Out in the June 2007 issue of Guitar Player.

She's not old enough to rent a car in the U.S., but Vanessa has toured the country & overseas, performing shows (sponsored by Vans and Gibson) at such venues as the Double Door in Chicago, the Troubadour in Los Angeles, Arlene’s Grocery in New York & the Spice Of Life in London. Wherever she plays, Vanessa is heating up the stage and proving to be more than a diamond-in-the-rough.


8pm Door/9pm Show
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