located at The Crepe Place happens on Thu Jun 7 at 9:00 pm Please note – This event has already happened
$12 Adv., $14 Door


In the emerging musician Yeek's new visual for his single "I'm Not Ready" he and his boys hang around an empty Los Angeles pool. They mostly skate, sit on the rim drinking Hennessy, and hype Yeek. He raps, Have you seen a girl twerk to Fall Out Boy? / She's a lonely girl with all them toys, then coos, stringing his guitar, I'm not ready for love / I'm having too much fun. It's a moment that captures the laid-back breeziness of 20-somethings falling in and out of love. The video, directed by Christian Long, explores love in many forms: there are the platonic vibes of Yeek and the homies kick-pushing through LA, the passion of two partners kissing in a dimly lit room, and the raw intimacy of the singer-rapper realizing a kind of self-love in admitting that he's not ready for romance. (Yeek opens the video acerbically: We created the word love to understand the concept that can't be fully understand. The word I used to understand it is hurt, confusion, and being fucking stressed.) - VICE
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