Japandroids, PS I Love You, Makeout Videotape

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Japandroids (Pictured)

Japandroids (JPNDRDS) is a two piece band from Vancouver, BC. This 'band' started in 2006 as a creative outlet for the post- teenage angst of Brian King and David Prowse. Originally intending to be a trio, the boys decided to forgo the logistical nightmare of having a 'lead singer' and do it themselves. As a consequence, Japandroids are 1 guitar, 1 set of drums, and 2 vocalizers. They call it garage rock. They don't care what you call it, as long as it's not minimal. Japandroids are maximal - a two piece band trying to sound like a five piece band.

POST-NOTHING is the forthcoming release by Vancouver's dream team, and is sure to build on the buzz of 2008'S LULLABY DEATH JAMS and 2007's ALL LIES. These latest gems run the gauntlet of rock n roll sub-genres, with the boys ripping off too many different bands to sound like any other duo making music right now.

Supporting Japandroids gets you into Heaven - no questions asked.

PS I Love You

Toronto -- Kingston, Ontario's quick-rising duo, PS I Love You are set to release their debut 5-track EP digitally on July 13th, 2010. The PS I Love You EP documents frontman Paul Saulnier's early recordings before replacing his Casio drum machine with current drummer Benjamin Nelson.

PS I Love You have already released two acclaimed 7" singles. The first was a split 7" with friend Diamond Rings in August of 2009. Earlier this year, the band released a 7" for 'Starfield' before wowing the audience at their Canadian Music Week showcase.

PS I Love You was originally the solo project for multi-instrumentalist Paul Saulnier who has performed in everything from a country-rock band to an improvised noise duo. PS I Love You was intended to be his experimental, pop music outlet using guitar looping pedals, keyboards with some gadgets and gimmicks. The addition of Benjamin Nelson on drums suddenly transformed PS I Love You's little songs into mini, soaring rock anthems. This marked a new beginning for the band.

"Honest-to-goodness, hard-line indie rock is alive and well in the great white North. "Facelove"-- a ferociously catchy single from Kingston, Ontario, duo PS I Love You-- was the hiding on the B-side of a shared 7" with "All Yr Songs", last fall's Best New Music-approved track from Toronto's Diamond Rings. Sorry we didn't catch the flipside sooner. "Facelove" is a towering tribute to art of the build, helmed by juicy, punched-up guitar work that demands to be felt (if not just plain gawked at)" - Pitchfork

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