Lauren Wahl & Simply Put , Zensations

located at The Crepe Place happens on Wed Feb 21 at 9:00 pm Please note – This event has already happened
$8 at door, 9PM showtime

Stories told through song, Simply Put.

Musician Lauren Wahl and her band 'Simply Put' has begun to make a name for themselves in the local Santa Cruz area. Lauren, former member of The Bluetail Flies and singer of Flypaper Blues, has started her own band to feature her ultimate passion: songwriting. Her music weaves together thoughtfully written lyrics and soothing melodies that invite the listener along a multi-faceted journey of introspection and affirmation. Her songs are each unique in character, yet cohesive. One could describe it as a fusion of singer-songwriter, blues-rock, pop, modern-folk and soulful ballads, each song with it's own story to tell.

Simply Put features Mariah Roberts rockin' a soulful fiddle, Justin Hambly (of Justin Hambly and the Heavy Hand) with captivating electric guitar riffs and solos, and Dylan Short- whose stunning ability on keys often leaves the entire band in awe. Local musician Mike Kelly (of Sasha's Money) drives the set with electric bass, and professional drummer Zen Perry keeps the band in full swing. Each member individually comes to Simply Put as an experienced musician with a long list of credentials on their own. Together this young band effortlessly blends pulsing rhythm, sweet harmonies and warm counter melodies to create a powerhouse vehicle driving a pleasing musical narrative. Together with Must Have Media and produced by local talent Patrick Brede they are excited to release their first EP this March 2018.
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