Sweet Plot w/ Baby and the Lovies

located at The Crepe Place happens on Sat Mar 3 at 9:00 pm Please note – This event has already happened

9pm showtime

Sweet Plot:
Sweet Plot is an independent funk rock music group from San Francisco, California. The band's genesis began in 2011 at Don's home studio in the Sunset after a late night jam session turned into an epiphany and everyone in the room realized that there was a greater purpose at stake: to bring funky and danceable party music to the masses. From this humble beginning, the group began to gig relentlessly around the Bay Area music scene while cultivating an evolving cast of dedicated musicians, friends, and artists who have gracefully joined along the way.

With little more than a shoestring budget, Sweet Plot mixed, mastered, and produced their first EP release titled Interstate Plot in 2015. Interstate Plot contains some of the early cornerstones of Sweet Plot's live set, such as the rock anthem, "Fields of Green." The name of the EP came from a notorious Spring Break RV tour that took the band all the way from San Francisco up to British Columbia, Canada.

In 2016, the group independently released its first studio album titled: California Feeling. Some songs, such as "Saturday" and "Jesse James" drew heavily from the group's earlier Rock and Blues influences. In other funk-driven songs, like "Greenbacks," you will also hear that the lyrical content and themes of their music offers an imaginative and refreshing look at 21st-century social issues. In 2017, Sweet Plot followed up California Feeling with their second independently released album aptly titled The Plot Thickens. The Plot Thickens showcases the band's ability to utilize the studio as an instrument to achieve a new type of sound. The second album's experimental nature offered the band a new level of flexibility when adding in layers of horns, percussion, synthesizers, and audio EFX. Still, the group remained true to their friendly, down to earth and indie roots with the album's closing tune reminding us that that everybody's just gotta' "Tell it Like it Is."

Sweet Plot's infectious movement energizes and connects with the audience which makes the show bigger than just the band itself. Their emotions, values, and attitude are truly authentic to the city of San Francisco, and they are genuine people who wish to give back to the community. Behind the group's upbeat music and thoughtful lyrics is a dedicated family of musicians and artists working together with the single goal of creating connection in our world through music.
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