Wicked Man, Dan Juan

located at The Crepe Place happens on Sun Dec 3 at 9:00 pm Please note – This event has already happened

9pm showtime

Wicked Man:
Wicked Man is an indie-soul-pop outfit hailing from Oakland, CA, who blends pop melodies with haunting lyrics and a kaleidoscopic array of highlife and afro-beat inspired rhythms that keep listeners moving. As provocative genre-boundary pushers, Wicked Man’s sound is stunningly new and refreshing, while always remaining catchy and relatable. Each song leads the listener on an unexpected and seductive journey full of twists and turns, ranging from the thinnest texture of virtuosic guitar fingerpicking and vocal harmonies to their heavy soundscapes elevated by colorful layers of keyboard sounds and jazzy hip-hop beats.

“Stretching the limits of folk,
the Oakland-based band is made distinct by Yonatan Tietz’s vocals,
sometimes growling and buzzy, sometimes a whisper,
and often endearingly wavering.”
-Culture Collide

“Yonatan Tietz’s voice is entirely unique,
the rhythms throughout the EP are full of surprises,
and the female guest vocalists are a great complement to Tietz.
All-in-all, they’re a great representative of an East Bay scene that’s pushing music in new places.”
-Bay Bridged

“On their new track ‘Cry For Once,’
Oakland rockers Wicked Man find an unconventional route
to stunning jazz fusion…
Wicked Man have that truly rare gift:
a sound today that nobody else can call their own.”
-Baeble Music

“Teased by this track and the upcoming EP,
Wicked Man are a part of a sonic universe ready-made
for a busy festival summer next year,
while occupying a space that’s entirely their own.”
-Speak Into My Good Eye

“Blending styles from jazz to folk,
Wicked Man call to mind
contemporaries like Alt-J or Glass Animals,
while holding a sound all their own.”
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