About us

Beeets is a privately-funded startup from Santa Cruz, California. Owned and operated by Lyon Bros. Enterprises, LLC, beeets was created to solve a problem: it's hard to find events, and even harder to find ones you're actually interested in. Beeets solves this by letting you create your own search experience based on your interests and meet real people with similar interests. Our goal is to get you OFF the computer, into your community, and having fun with your life.

Why we're awesome

  • tags:
    All searching is based off of your interests.
  • groups:
    You can meet people with similar interests.
  • free:
    Anyone can post and share events.

Our vision

Our goal is to develop a free service that gets people out in the world and active in their communities. And by free, we actually mean free. We don't bury all our useful content under 15 pages of ads, and we don't share peoples' information with third-party "partners." We're here because we wanted to create something fun and useful to give back to the world, and we're going to do it without turning this site into a spam-fest.

Special thanks to Vanessa Oguchi for letting us use the awesome photo in the background of beeets. What says events better than a wall full of flyers?

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